Pure Pro Wrestling Report – November 3, 2013

Welcome back to another edition of PPW! Tonight, we have a great treat headed our way, as Petey Williams himself is working a match for this broadcast! God, I sound a bit too excited, don’t I?

Blue Steele w/ Sophia Black vs. Xavier Justice & Petey Williams – Michigan State Tag Team Championships Match

This was a good match that had a refreshing sense of patience, a trait that I don’t always get to enjoy in the match-ups I watch. This match was in no hurry to get where it was going; instead choosing to let the spectators soak in every move like a dry sponge. Additionally, Petey Williams was definitely the star here tonight, making great use of his superior aerial abilities to add a sense of urgency to this bout. It must also be noted; that Petey’s psychological skills were in full effect here, allowing him to show a great deal more than he was normally allowed during his final years of his first TNA run. With good use of the tagging system and fine work by the manager, Sophia Black and our referee, who sadly I can’t name at this time, we had a well worked bout of admirable length. Blue Steele stole the victory with a pair of brass knuckles.

Winners: Blue Steele – Pin-fall

During this match-up, I realized something important: Xavier Justice has 5th dimensional abilities. How do I know this, you may be wondering? Here’s how: Justice called his own match as he wrestled it! Well, his commentary could have been recorded after the fact, but I’m just going to stick with the science-fiction explanation, because I’m easily excited and reluctant to think things through.

My above revelation aside, this was a very good edition of PPW, with a welcome appearance by one of the best talents in wrestling today, Petey Williams.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you, next time.