Questions Being Asked About TNA’s Future, More On AJ Styles’ Contract Status, Tonight’s Impact

– Internally, there all kinds of questions being asked about the state of TNA. The situation is described as feeling similar to the end of the original ECW. A lot of people are still behind on pay, or at least were as of the last set of Impact tapings, particularly on the production side. Those issues, combined with Dixie Carter skipping the tapings to attend a college football game, led to all kinds of questions being asked about their future.

– As noted, AJ Styles has signed a three-month contract extension with TNA. AJ’s original contract with TNA called for raises each year. The new contract they were trying to get him to sign called for no raises and locked him in at his current salary. TNA did not give him a contract cutting his money. Both sides essentially agreed to at least work together until the end of this year, then they will see how or if the landscape has changed.

– Tonight’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling will feature Sting vs. Bully Ray in the main event, a Last Chance Gauntlet match with all 12 Bound For Glory Series competitors, Chris Sabin’s return, a special performance by Mickie James and more.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Geoff

    Get rid of Hulk Hogan! You idiots.

    • Ron

      I agree I think between Hogan and Bischoff they took so much capital out of the company it has hurt them. Go back to the 6 sided ring why they are at it.

    • ShadowBroker

      As much as I agree, Hogan himself isn’t to blame for the budget crisis in TNA. He isn’t paid on the level or by the same people as the wrestlers and staff. So even if they let him go do whatever he wants, there is no new assets available for paying the roster.

  • JillianHallTNA

    This is just sad. Go back to some small arena after Bound For Glory, sign people who are great wrestlers from indy shows like you did before with few former WWE stars and fire Hogan and Bitchoff, you’re welcome Dixie.

  • @TremayneVX

    The answer is too obvious it hurts! They should bring back live monthly PPVs and stop these PPV specials and actually have something for the superstars to build up too. To those of you who say, “Nobody was buying the PPVs anyway.” A good amount must have been if they still had a good money flow going. Too many PPVs will tire the fans (WWE) while no PPVs will make the fans forget about you (ROH).