R-Truth Speaks On Capitol Punishment PPV, Paying Your Dues

The following is an excerpt from a new R-Truth interview. In the following quote, R-Truth speaks on paying your dues and working his way up to a WWE title match at the upcoming Capitol Punishment pay-per view.

“It’s a long road of paying your dues. I mean, each and every person that’s in this business has to go down that road. Some people may not have to. Some people may be given that road instantly because of who they are. For those who are acting like (look at the) sweat, blood and tears to get there man… when you get there man, it’s not nowhere near over yet…

“It’s a long way man, it’s hard to get at the top and stay at the top. The struggle still continues, man. I’m very proud of the road that I’ve accomplished, man…..the good and the bad, I take them all because that’s what made me who I am. All my mistakes, all my accomplishments, the good things I’ve done, the bad I’ve done and the mistakes I’ve learned from, the mistakes I’ve never done before… all of that made me into what I am now.”

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