“Rampage” Jackson and Tito Ortiz TNA Conference Call Highlights

TNA’s “Rampage” Jackson and Tito Ortiz along with Bellator Director Of Communications Anthony Mazucca and Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney took part in a conference call today to talk more in depth on their upcoming fight. Here are some highlights.

On the amount of Viacom cross promotion:

Anthony Mazucca: “Big. The opportunity for our first pay-per-view will be broadcast on cross-platforms. You’ll be able to see what we’ve done with Dixie and TNA and Spike with the promotion for this fight. The CBS relationship is one that is more distant that it was at one point, and we’re closer with MTV, MTV2, Comedy Central.”

Details on Tito Ortiz’s deal:
Anthony Mazucca: “Yeah, there will be other parts. There are other pieces that will begin to unfold.”

On whether they have been accepted in TNA:

Rampage: “The guys have been great. I’ve been asking them for advice.”

Tito Ortiz: “The same for me. Those guys are tough. Jeff Hardy was one of the guys that kept me in the UFC. I’ve loved professional wrestling since the beginning. I would love to make that crossover, but that’s gonna take some practice.”

Whether Tito and Rampage will work Bound For Glory:
Bjorn Rebney: “Dixie and I get on the phone with Kevin and we strategize how we want to do it. We’ve gotta bring more fans into the sport. You have to wait and see where the story takes them. We have it all planned out.”