Randy Orton Gets Divorced; WWE Salary & Details Of Divorce Revealed, More

Thanks to our friends at TMZ.com for sending PWMania.com the following:

WWE star Randy Orton HAS GOTTEN DIVORCED — and TMZ has learned, he gets a ton of the marital loot … including cars, massive bank accounts … and of course, his gun collection.

The divorce order was signed just last month. Randy and and his now-ex Samantha were married in 2007, but separated in 2012. Samantha filed for divorce in March, claiming the marriage was “irretrievably broken.” They have one 4-year-old daughter.

But the split seems pretty amicable … both parties came to a separation agreement, which details the division of property post-split.

According to the document, Randy gets his 2012 Range Rover, his 2011 Bentley, and his 2009 Harley Davidson. Samantha gets her 2013 Infiniti.

Randy also gets a bunch of six-figure bank accounts, his gun collection, his jewelry, and one house … plus 100% of all righst, title, and interest in his WWE contract (which is worth a ton of money). According to the docs, Randy rakes in $291,666 per month in salary.

Meanwhile, Samantha gets a bank account worth $654,317 … not bad … as well as her jewelry (including her $99,000 engagement ring and wedding ring). She also gets one house.

As for their daughter, Samantha gets sole legal and physical custody, but Randy gets visitation. He has also agreed to pay Samantha $4,500 per month in child support.

Seems pretty fair to us.

Photos Of Randy Orton And His Ex-Wife Samantha Speno

  • Geoff

    Wow….i’m shocked. Didn’t even know they separated last year. Randy loved to talk about having more responsibility having a family now and stuff in interviews, i feel so fooled.

  • Nicolino Primetime Taliano

    this goes back to the article u guys had about having an off season in the WWE. 2 months would make a world of difference to these guys. u cant be a family man being on the road ALL YEAR!!!

  • Ilja Y.

    how could she do it?

    im shocked aswell.