Randy Orton Misses Monday’s WWE Raw Due To Injury, Expected Back Next Week

The real reason Randy Orton wasn’t at Monday’s RAW is because of a collarbone injury that he suffered during his June 3rd SmackDown tapings match against Big Show.

The injury apparently isn’t thought to be too serious and Orton’s expected back on TV at this coming Monday’s RAW in Cleveland. Orton did work this past weekend’s live events.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • SophiaHtwo

    Glad its not serious injury and he is soon back
    Current stars lack luster and class

  • Andrew Hass

    I’m glad that Orton’s injury isn’t too serious and it’s better to be safe than sorry because i think he injured his collarbone a few years ago and was out for a few months.So the WWE may have just wanted to make sure the new injury had nothing to do with that.

  • Brandon Roberts

    well hopefully he’ll be back soon.

  • Maryann Steffler

    He needs to be injured for good Randy Orton I just hate you

    • FemaleWrestlingNut

      I can’t believe the horrible comments on here sometimes. Wishing an actual injury on anyone is just lowdown. Randy is an actor and performer playing a role. Dislike the character but be mature enough to never wish harm on anyone. You should be ashamed of such words.

  • Arkansas BassMan

    Maybe he is just a B+ player like, well you know; Yes, Yes, Yes! (Bryan) The one who beat Triple H who is a a B- player at best, because that is what happens when you get beat by a B+ player, you get demoted!

  • Maryann Steffler

    yo whoever you are and whatever I say so what I used to like Randy Orton aka the snake but now I just can’t stand him