Randy Orton Talks About Doing Regular Prehab & Rehab After Matches

Prior to Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view Randy Orton spoke with Mike Dunsmore of NBC Sports Radio and revealed his current injury situation.

“Ruptured a disc two years ago and that’s an ongoing thing,” Orton said. “The disc injury I have – the more that I work my glutes and strengthen my ass (laughs), it protects my disc. I never did legs properly and I finally got a trainer a couple of years ago and I started doing my core.”

Orton also commented on doing regular “prehab” and “rehab” after competing in the ring to keep past injuries in-check.

“Daily, I have to do shoulder therapy because I have loose shoulder capsules,” Orton said. “I have to artificially strengthen those capsules, because they’re so loose. I have to strength to my rotator cuff muscles to keep them in socket. But if I don’t do that, this right one will just pop right out.”