Ratings Are In For Monday’s RAW Supershow: Fans Tuning Out

The ratings are in for Monday’s RAW – and the numbers tell a story of fans being dissatisfied with WWE’s “walk out” storyline.

Monday’s RAW drew a 3.26 rating and averaged 5,021,000 viewers for the two hour broadcast. While this is up from recent weeks, the hourly ratings are cause for concern.

The first hour of RAW drew a strong 3.49 rating with 5,375,000 viewers, a sign that WWE fans were very interested to see the fallout from last week’s “walk out.”

The second hour took a nosedive, as the rating dropped to a 3.02 with 4,667,000 viewers – a loss of approximately 13.5% of the audience.

The first hour of RAW featured very little in-ring action, the surprise return of Vince McMahon, the firing of Triple H and John Laurinaitis being named as the new interim RAW General Manager. WWE created a buzz last week and built up a lot of interest in Monday’s RAW – but the overall feedback on what WWE delivered has been overwhelmingly negative and Monday’s rating reflects this.