Raw In London Does Huge Numbers For WWE, Attendance Figures From Current European Tour

Check out some WWE attendance figures from the current international tour:

* May 14th in Glasgow, Scotland drew a sellout 9,500 fans
* May 15th in Newcastle, England drew 9,000 fans
* May 16th in Leeds, England drew 8,000 fans
* May 16th in Turin, Italy drew 7,000 fans
* May 17th in Nottingham, England drew 9,200 fans
* May 17th in Innsbruck, Austria drew 3,500 fans
* May 18th in Cardiff, Wales drew a sellout 4,300 fans
* May 19th for RAW in London drew a sellout 15,000 fans
* May 20th for SmackDown in London drew around 9,000 fans

For the May 19th RAW in London, WWE announced a sellout of 16,991 fans but there was just under 15,000 in the building, still a sellout. The gate was more than $1.2 million, making that the largest gate for a RAW taping in a very long time if ever.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Yoyo

    I know WWE is an American company and their main target audience is America… but surely they could do more than one week in a row in Europe? Imagine 4 Raws followed by a PPV all in ‘The UK’, would be insane and would make an insane amount of money.
    Only reason American audiences are soooo poor is because they’re spoilt, take it away for a few months and they’ll be hyped for it when it comes back.