Raw Pre-show Script & “To Do List” Also Leaked From This Week’s WWE Raw

As PWMania.com reported, a script leaked for this week’s WWE RAW in Birmingham. A script for the RAW Pre-show has also leaked at this link. As you can see, there’s a footprint on the top page, indicating that it was left on the floor and picked up by someone at the arena.

A “to do list” was also discovered from this week’s RAW. You can check it out at this link. It’s a list of things WWE needed to film at this week’s tapings such as The JBL & Cole Show, a Mark Henry clip to promote the Haunted House 2 movie, WWE Inbox episodes and more.

  • AbeLincoln

    Your links for the To Do List don’t work by the way..

  • Tremor_Fang

    This seems like a fairly big leak. Perhaps it’s a set up by the WWE to swerve us on purpose? Probably not admittedly, but they’re just going to change it like it’s been said Vince does to most every script hours before every show. More so since the public can see it.