Raw Wrestler Heads To SmackDown, CM Punk Wins Award, More

— Following an unsuccessful stint on Raw, Drew McIntyre returned to Smackdown on Friday’s show. His resolve and worth was called into question by Teddy Long in a backstage segment as the General Manager matched him up against Ezekiel Jackson. If McIntyre couldn’t win, Long said he’d have to start thinking about letting him go. While McIntyre argued with the referee about having his feet on the second rope during an attempted pinfall, Jackson swooped in and grabbed him by the tights to roll him up for the win.

After the match, McIntyre demanded that Long not count the match as a loss, claiming the referee was biased. Long would retort that he disliked losers, but especially ones who make excuses.

— RedEyeChicago.com has named CM Punk Chicago Sports Stud of the Year. The WWE Champion garner 92% of the votes in a fan poll, beating out Derrick Rose, Mark Buehrle, Starlin Castro, Matt Forte, Patrick Kane, Paul Konerko, Dominic Oduro and Jonathan Toews.

— Shelly Martinez has posted her latest video.

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