Monday’s WWE Raw Viewership Takes A Hit, Loses Almost 300,000 Viewers From Last Week

The ratings for last night’s RAW are in, and the numbers don’t look good.

An average of 3,739,000 viewers tuned in to watch WWE’s flagship program, which is down from last week’s post-Night of Champions show by almost 300,000 viewers. below is an hour-by-hour breakdown of the show’s viewership:

Hour 1:3,603,000
Hour 2:3,795,000
Hour 3:3,820,000

Last night’s edition, which included the 11-on-3 handicap match in the main event, was going up against The Voice, Dancing with the Stars and Monday Night Football.

  • vicdiaz99

    What does everyone think of the Corporation 2.0 storyline now? Is it still “best for business?”

  • 6969man

    I rather watch the NFL then stupide fucking wwe