The Rock’s Movie A Hit Overseas, John Miller To Tour With WWE

— John Miller, who currently appears as a contestant on the Oxygen reality show Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too, stated during an interview with that he will on hand for next week’s WWE television tapings, as well as Extreme Rules.

Miller, who has competed for Ohio Valley Wrestling, wrote the following on Twitter last week regarding his upcoming WWE tour: “11 more days till I go on a 4 day tour with WWE! I’m going to get a job and sign hopefully sign a contract, wish me luck everyone!!! Im booked for WWE Pay Per View in Tampa on May 1st. Then I will be in Miami,Fl May 2nd for Monday Night Raw then May 3rd Orlando for smackdown.”

— Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s latest movie, Fast Five, is a huge hit in Australia. One out of three people in Australia who went to the movies on Thursday (the day of its premiere) went to see Fast Five, earning $2.4 million. It premieres this Friday in the United States. has posted new studio photos of Maryse.

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