Really? Muppets? Really?

I’ve been trying to stay positive for the past few months on the WWE, no matter what they threw out there that didn’t work. However, the past two Monday nights had a few things I just can’t let pass without judgment. I’ll get into The Muppets in a bit but first let me talk about a very real problem, Kevin Nash. Nash has made a career out of burying more talented superstars who didn’t have his “look”. Nash has over shot his actual career potential (somewhere between Kane and Atom Bomb); because of the friends, he’s made. There is nothing about Nash that is special, other than he is a good talker for a giant. Not a great talker mind you, just good. Scott Hall was by far the more talented of the two. Some of my followers on twitter took exception to my stance on Nash recently and while I understand a few of their arguments, he was one of the first wrestlers to push for more money and a better living for him and conversely other wrestlers. That doesn’t make him someone I want to see anymore, if the WWE wants to push someone make it someone who deserves the exposure because they’ll be around another ten years, not another ten minutes. So, how is it a person who hasn’t had a decent match in the last decade getting a push in the WWE?

Simple, his best friend runs the show. HHH has once again put his friends ahead of the good of the business. Instead of giving a talented young wrestler with an actual future a push, he has chosen to repush a man with the same number of knees as a snake. You can hear Nash’s body falling apart every time he gingerly walks down to the ring, by the way gingerly is the nicest way I can describe his walk. He moves as well as my 82-year-old grandmother. He has nothing-tangible left to give; most wrestling fans I’ve talked to are way past wanting to see Nash in a match, especially with almost as equally broken down HHH. CM Punk carried HHH through his last match, and trust me when I say it’ll have to be HHH carrying Nash so how do you think that’ll go? It’s time for HHH and Nash to give up their spots, this isn’t WCW where the old guys rule, this is suppose to be the forward thinking WWE. The WWE use to do what was best for business and was in the business of making new stars. Now they keep giving us the same tired old wrestlers we saw 15 years ago. I’ve read a few places that Vince and HHH feel like none of the younger people have the “it” factor to allow them to step up and grab the reigns. To that I say, are you kidding me? Ziggler is a superstar waiting for his moment. Fantastic talker, great personality, he is held back by Vickie and a creative team that doesn’t know how to use him. Wade Barrett is better than I thought he was, has the size and the technical ability to be a top heel, and needs a little more work on the mic but he’s almost there. What I’m getting at is they have the potential stars; they just don’t want to take the short-term hit in ratings and buys it would require to build them up. It would take a little while to sell people on the new guys as top guys, but Ziggler and Barrett can do it. The WWE is too short sighted to see that, and are too caught up in the ratings and pay per view buy rates. Instead, we get Nash and his broken down body, and a cliché storyline of bro-betrayal we’ve seen before. Wake me when he’s gone back to making third-rate movies again.

I’ve said enough about Nash and his broken down knees. On to the next problem, the Muppets, and not just the Muppets but what they stand for. This is a wrestling show, not a freaking variety show.  We’ve had to put up with some terrible guest hosts, Jeremy Piven comes to mind right away, but the Muppets take the cake. Call me a grouch if you want, but I think the WWE has taken the kid friendly content as far as any rational wrestling fan can take it. They are pushing real fans away, the guys who were there before the attitude era, the true fans of the business. Never when I was wearing my Macho Man sunglasses and Roddy Piper shirt as a kid did I think the Muppets would be involved in wrestling. Instead of amazing, entertaining, matches we get Punk wrestling Mark Henry for five minutes then interrupted before it could get good. Which run in spots are tales as old as wrestling, but we use to get a good match before they did the run in. On a quick side note and something I did enjoy on Raw was Punk’s handling of Funkhouser’s “Del Rio has to give you a title shot” challenge. That was one of the few highlights of Raw, considering The Rock didn’t just phone in his performance, he didn’t even bother fully wake up for it. That was one of the worst promos I’ve ever seen The Rock deliver, he is so much better when he can feed of the crowd. That Atlanta crowd didn’t help; they seemed as half-asleep as he was. The Muppets probably didn’t help the crowd with its energy level; the whole show seemed dead on arrival. Even the obviously fake twitter “excitement” from some the WWE superstars didn’t help build any tangible buzz for the show. You know why, because it’s the Muppets, they have no business on a wrestling show. Isn’t it bad enough we have to deal with Santino and Hornswaggle? An entire night of Muppets had me one-step off the WWE bandwagon. You never see crap like that from Ring of Honor. I would like to think you wouldn’t see it from TNA but that show will pimp itself out to anyone they can. Speaking of Ring of Honor you can see their awesome wrestling every week in certain markets, or online at  ROH is the best pure wrestling found on TV. Do yourself a favor and check them out, you need to if you consider yourself a true fan of wrestling.

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