Reason For Stephanie McMahon’s Announcement On Daniel Bryan & WWE Money In The Bank

WWE received word this past weekend that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan may not be cleared to return in time for the June 29th Money In the Bank pay-per-view, PWInsider reports.

This is the reason why the Money In the Bank ladder match may end up being for the vacated title, as Stephanie McMahon announced on RAW last night. WWE had been going with the idea that Bryan would keep the title as he was expected to return within eight weeks but word is now that they received a negative update over the weekend.

  • Wrestling_fan

    Didn’t appreciate Cena coming out to “defend” Bryan but am glad he reminded Stephanie that every top dog has had a surgery from time to time. Surprised it took so long for someone to mention that!

    • da guy wit opinions

      Cena can’t have his longtime girlfriends brother in laws back?

      • Wrestling_fan

        Lol, yeah right! We’ll be seeing this segment in the next season of Total Divas for sure!

  • cj

    If the championship is the prize then it’s not necessarily the money in the bank , just a 6/8 man ladder match for the WWEWHC championship . That’s why the shouldn’t have merged the two titles because image if D.Bryan was just the WWE or WHC champion and he got injured , there’d be another title to fall back on in his absence. We don’t even get 2 money in the bank matches anymore .

    • Nick

      Ya they should do one for the title one for the case

  • jmull

    Like I’ve said before, I really hope Daniel Bryan does not rush back before he is fully healthy. Better to see him lose the title for now than shorten his career because of this injury.

  • Mike Burke

    In the near future the titles are going to be split. Sooner then you think.

    • FlawlessRKO

      No they’re not.

  • Kyle James Larson

    Sad to see only 1 mitb match. And rename the ppv if no contract is up for grabs. That would be sad to see no contract which means no suspense no suprise cash in no fun. The superstar to win the match will probably go on to lose the title by summerslam almost making it useless to have won in the first place. Get better Bryan so we can have a contract match.

  • Devontae L. Herring

    Guys chill out lol. There’s no longer a need for the titles to be split. Also, remember this my opinion, if this going to be the route WWE is taking and since 2014 seems to be The Year of Traditions End/Ground-Breaking Year (So I’ve dubbed it.) Why not have the most likely rookies that are fixing to be pushed to the main roster from NXT compete in the MITB match up. That way the briefcase is still in the picture for this yeat and to me thay’s REAL money in the bank and possibly best for business.