Reason Why WWE Got Rid Of King Of The Ring

During a Q&A session on Bruce Prichard’s “Something to Wrestler With” podcast, he revealed the real reason WWE decided to drop the King of the Ring as a pay-per-view event.

According to Prichard, Vince McMahon didn’t like the concept and it was also the company’s lowest sales for a pay-per-view event of the year.

“The pay per view events during the summer didn’t do all that well, and King of the Ring wasn’t a large grossing pay per view, so Vince wasn’t really excited about it, and decided to change it up.”

You can listen to the podcast below:

  • Tim Sullivan

    If they didn’t put crap wrestlers in the tournament and held the ENTIRE thing on a pay-per-view instead of having ‘qualifying matches’ and ‘first round matches’ on their weekly shows MAYBE it would have been more profitable and interesting.. hell they held the cruiserweight classic tournament and theyre holding the laughable United kingdom Championship Tournaments.. whats the friggin difference?

    • Andrew

      What makes the UK tournament laughable?

      • Tim Sullivan

        What makes it laughable is the fact that aside from mark andrews none of the names are recognizable plus its for a championship that wont ever get recognition in the states. also, if they wanted a UK exclusive championship then they should have just reactivated the European championship…at least THAT name isnt ridiculous

        • Xanderstrange

          I think the reason they are specifically doing U.K. Championship instead of European Championship is because they’re going to have other world specific brands. European has many countries and doing U.K. allows them to open brands(promotions) in other countries. Seems like the world branding is coming to pass. They’re having a weekly U.K. only show every week after the tournament with their own roster.

      • Sam Savage

        Its a meaningless title, but it was too logical for them to bring back the European Championship.

  • Sam Savage

    Hunter & The Undertaker weren’t going to the blame for not drawing so the tournament was thrown under the bus.