Recap Of CM Punk At Today’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

WWE Champion CM Punk was the Grand Marshal for the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade this morning in Chicago. Punk tweeted:

“Honor and a pleasure to be Grand Marshall in the #WGN parade. Love this city. Thanks to everybody who came out!”

CM Punk spoke to WGN during the parade and said that Thanksgiving is his second favorite holiday (behind Halloween) because he loves to eat.

When asked about his upcoming match with the Rock at the Royal Rumble, Punk said he’s going to hurt The Rock and send Mr. Movie Star back to Hollywood.

CM Punk had the WWE Championship with him at the parade and paid homage to the classic 1980’s movie Ferris Beuller’s Day Offby wearing a white t-shirt with a leopard-print vest, the same outfit Beuller wore when he attended a parade in Chicago in the movie.