Recent Photo Of CM Punk At The Movies

Check out this recent photo of CM Punk at the movies:

Photos Of CM Punk and AJ Lee Hanging Out

  • Jason

    Wolverine is not a quiter! Phil Brooks is! He puts shame to that facial hair!

    • Mr Slippyfist

      He will be back soon enough. He’s probably just waiting for Batista to leave.

  • Cody Cosmos

    I hope he’s enjoying that free money. While I love Punk as a wrestler, I don’t have to support his selfish decision. Hopefully he realizes what he did in due time like Austin did. Until then, we enjoy these random pics

    • FlawlessRKO

      If he hadn’t done what he did, Daniel Bryan wouldn’t be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion/Face of WWE and WrestleMania XXX wouldn’t have been an epic PPV. He left for the greater good, but he WILL be back one day.

      • ksedude

        Are you implying Punk would be champion right now? Or? I’m sorry I just didn’t follow that one.

        • FlawlessRKO

          No, he wasn’t go to be champion if he stayed. He just was going to wrestle Triple H with no stipulations.

          • Cody Cosmos

            That’s mere speculation. While I do think a certain amount of occurrences led him to his title win at WM.(mostly Batista’s bad reception) I don’t believe the stance would’ve changed even if Punk stayed. Like many things in the WWE, things are rewritten. Hunter wanted a match at mania, replace Punk with Bryan. and work it into the the title match. The only other possible way Bryan wouldn’t be entered into the match, is if the Royal Rumble fiasco never happened. Which was inevitable. Punks absence from Mania just gave Bryan more prominence with an extra match at the event. Who actually knows what would have happened. But i’m glad the pieces fell where they did!

    • Maha

      His body probably couldn’t handle more damage on top of injuries and aches already present. He’s smart, he realised it and took time off. Why all the bitterness?

      • Cody Cosmos

        Not bitter nor tiring to be mean spirited. I would love to see Punk back in action at his earliest convenience. But as many people have stated including me, the man has contractual obligations he has to uphold. Whether you work for the WWE or not. Lucky for Punk he’s in the position of power he’s currently in. We will never fully grasp what truly happened between Punk and the management. Like Heyman said three people only knew what Punk’s problems are, Punk of coarse, HHH, & Vinnie Mac. We can only speculate until either two things happen. one, Punk lives his final months of his contract as he currently is, and doesn’t sign a new deal. Or Second, He eventually signs a new deal when he reaches an agreement with management. Punk might be bruised and battered or hate the direction where the company is going, who knows. (besides the listed above) Punk is a passionate guy, and hopefully he takes this rare time and puts it to good use, and come back better then ever!

    • Darnez4

      I wondered about it being “selfish”. For possibly standing up for what he believes in. Why is it selfish though? Because he has millions of fans he is letting down? Isn’t it more selfish that millions of people rely upon a single man? The man is worn out and broken down, possibly losing his passion for doing what he loves. How selfish is it for us “fans” to say “How dare he leave”. Lets all just relax and hope he finds himself again, and hope that when he does find himself that he still loves this business and will fight for our entertainment once again.

  • CMP

    Everyone bitches how they don’t care about CM Punk…yet here they are…clicking on the link…commenting on the picture…

  • Ruandy Torres

    Wonder what movie he went to see?