Recent Photo Of Lex Luger With Scott Hall (July 2013)

Scott Hall posted the following photo of him with Lex Luger on his official Twitter account: “Me and Lex..”

  • Dan

    He looks like DJ Qualls, bless him.

    • Rickey Hatfield

      That’s what cancer can do to even the strongest of men!!!

      • Shaun Becker

        He didn’t have cancer. He suffered a spinal stroke. Basically a nerve compression in his spine that cut off blood to his brain. He was unable to walk at all for almost a year and used a walker for a while after that, but now he is able to walk comfortably and even drive.

  • JAmes

    he looks sick

  • Jwoo

    what’s wrong with him,is he ill?

  • Anita Bell

    hall is old lex looks sick

  • TheFlyingHoodlum

    Ever see the music video for Land of Confusion by Genesis? Lex Luger was replaced with one of those rubber puppets.

  • nanners

    Lex has a book coming out on August 13… Wrestling with the Devil. Tells the whole story of what’s happened to him.