Recent Photo Of The Undertaker Holding A Cane

Published On 08/15/2016 | By PWMania.com Staff | News, Specials

This photo taken over the weekend of The Undertaker is drawing some attention online.

As you can see, The Undertaker is holding a cane, which has led to speculation that he is now using one to get around. However, the fan in the photo says The Deadman was only checking it out as it belongs to someone else.

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    Since when does the truth ever got in the way of “speculation”?

    • Leon Nick Perkins

      Well the guy is in his 50s, and has wrestled for over 25 years. I dont know if he’s using a cane or not, but wouldn’t suprise me if he does. Lol. He looks pretty rough though. Maybe WWE should back off on the idea of him and john cena doing a match at next years wrestlemania

      • ATLANTIS

        He could incorporate it into his character. Taker would look bad ass with a Gandalf like cane, which he can use like HHH uses his sledgehammer

  • Dime

    That’s not the Undertaker… lol

    • RReigns16 #2YEARS&Counting

      STFU. It clearly is.

      • Dime

        RR, go fuck yourself dude. Simple as that. Not worth much else, kiddo. :)

        • RReigns16 #2YEARS&Counting

          Go look in the mirror!!

    • Jodge

      Lol, that’s Mark Calaway

      • Dime

        I know, I was joking around.

  • RReigns16 #2YEARS&Counting


  • Kevin Bullard

    They misspelled his Brother’s name which is Kane. And that other guy in no way looks like Kane.

  • Great Khali

    Michelle Mcool at home would have me walking round with a cane all day

    • Great Khali

      A huge cane

      • Great Khali


  • Straight_Edge89

    Lol i swear he looks so feeble and old whenever you see him outside of WWE but whenever he returns for WM they dye all his hair and do their best to make him look younger. Then he goes back to being an old man with a cane after he has his match.

    God looking at him in these kind of pics makes you worry about him getting in the ring and taking bumps.