Reddit User Dolphins1925 Incorrectly Predicts WWE Night of Champions Match

Published On 09/16/2013 | By Staff | News

Reddit user Dolphins1925 incorrectly predicted the World Heavyweight Championship match at Sunday’s WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view. He predicted Del Rio would defeat Rob Van Dam however RVD won by DQ. Dolphins1925 then wrote:

“Alberto Del Rio was the loser. There is no justifying that selection. My source was wrong. He believes it was changed on a fly during the match and only a handful of individuals knew about it. In other words, WWE has done its job. The rest of winners on the card were scheduled to be Ambrose, Shield, Axel & Heyman, and Bryan.”

He did get the rest of the card correct as he made that post before the Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose match.

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  • Ozil is a Boss

    Let’s face it. he is still very much legit.
    He may of got it wrong; but only because they changed it to discredit him. Made for a very weak finish to the match.

  • Ozil is a Boss

    Not many people can say they would of predicted Bryan over Orton last night.

  • Michael F

    OR I am guessing he misinterpreted what the source said. I am guessing the source said “Alberto Del Rio retains” to make him put “Alberto Del Rio wins”. While ADR loses he still retains.