Renee Young Discusses Which WWE Talent Has Been Most Helpful To Her

WWE announcer Renee Young discussed which talent has been most helpful to her since she joined World Wrestling Entertainment during an interview with Gerry Strauss of The Layfiled Report.

“Someone that has been really helpful to me would definitely be Michael Cole. He is very honest and great to bounce ideas off of. He is really a great guy that’s been such a backbone for WWE’s broadcast team for a long time, so he is usually the man with the answers and ideas for me. Also, Tony Dawson and I were hired roughly around the same time and he’s been a great support system too. And, of course, Matt Striker and Scott Stamford… those guys are both so good at what they do and I always grow a little bit each time I work with them. Very quick and witty, those two gems are. But so many of the producers and management at WWE have been amazing, a lot of really great people there.

“The most helpful thing I’ve learned, and this is dating back to before I even started at WWE, but it’s being able to trust myself and have fun. I work in the business of entertainment. If I’m having fun, it’s easier for people watching to have fun too.”