Report: At Least One Fighter Failed UFC 143 Pre-Fight Drug Test

The following is an excerpt from an article on WrestleZone’s MMA sister-site,

NSAC Head Kizer: At Least One UFC 143 Drug Test Positive

The Nevada State Athletic Commission announced Thursday that at least one UFC 143 drug screen has come back positive.

NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer emailed members of the media this morning to announce the news, though the official did not specify whether the to-be-named fighter was flagged for performance-enhancing drugs or drugs of abuse.

“Thank you for the many email[s] and phone calls,” Kizer wrote. “I am still waiting for all the steroid and drug test results to come back. We did have at least one positive test. I will send out an email later today on that matter.”

NOTE: While unconfirmed, the rumor making the rounds is that Nick Diaz is the man who failed the pre-fight drug test.