Report: Details Behind Hardy/Sting At TNA Victory Road

Although there are many reports online at this moment regarding why the main event at Victory Road went only one minute, twenty eight seconds, the fact is that no one really knows yet what happened in the ring.

Here’s what we have gathered, at this hour, from a variety of sources.

There was general concern throughout the day on the condition of Jeff Hardy. The finish of the match was never discussed with agents, announcers, or the production truck as a one minute, twenty eight second match. Sting’s physical limitations based on age and/or injury were not a factor.

There are two stories floating around right now. One is that the Bischoff announcement was designed to kill time, and Bischoff was sent down with what is called “an audible” (last minute change) to switch the finish. The other is that Sting, who was noticeably angry in the dressing room before the match (supposedly based on what he felt was Hardy’s condition), “hooked the finish” and just ended the match after the first move, with referee Brian Hebner either counting three or being told from the back to get out of the match by counting three.

Either way, it will be very interesting how TNA President Dixie Carter handles this latest explosive situation in her dressing room.

We are working on several other stories arising out of this controversy. Keep checking back with WrestleZone tonight for much more.