Report: Fit Finlay Heartbroken By The Divas’ Roles In WWE

Wrestling Observer reported Saturday that Dave Finlay (a/k/a Fit Finlay) has been rehired by WWE as producer. He was fired last year after concocting an angle where The Miz interrupted the singing of the “The Star-Spangled Banner” to garner jeers from the audience. The National Guard, a company sponsor, complained to WWE brass over the event and it led to Finlay’s termination. During his time with WWE, he was in charge of training the company’s female performers for wrestling matches. In a newly published interview with Power Slam, Finlay was asked to give his take on the flatulence angle SmackDown Diva Natalya has been saddled with.


“Well, I haven’t seen that, but I’ve been told about it. Yes, I agree,” he says in response to interviewer Greg Lambert labeling it extremely distasteful. “Had that been presented to me [as SmackDown producer], I’d have said… erm… Well, she may be comfortable with it. I don’t know,”


“Look, I see the girls as wrestlers, personalities and friends. They are great people. Before she retired, Michelle McCool was an awesome girl and wrestler. Layla too. It’s heartbreaking to see [the girls] not getting to where they want to get to. Natalya is a very sweet girl and a talented wrestler.”