Report: Loads Of Last-Minute Changes To WWE Raw & WM27


Bryan Alvarez reports that Monday’s RAW was apparently heavily rewritten at the last minute. The plan in the early afternoon was to have Triple H vs. Undertaker take place at Summerslam with Taker vs. John Cena likely taking place at Wrestlemania 28. Obviously, that has changed. Some people within WWE believe that the long-term plan has always been to build Wrestlemania 28 around The Rock, even if not in a wrestling capacity. Some also believe this is why Miami was chosen as the PPV location.

Alvarez also mentions that Vince McMahon was reportedly going crazy all weekend changing the match order for Wrestlemania 27. This happens all the time but this weekend he changed his mind on what seemed to be an hourly basis. The thought process now is how will he NOT change his mind about a match that has been announced a year in advance.