Report: More On Chavo Guerrero’s Decision To Leave WWE

While many wrestlers feel Chavo Guerrero has (as one wrestler put it) “way too high an opinion of himself,” a great majority of the locker room thinks the fact that he asked for his release sends a serious message, especially when talents like CM Punk, MVP, and Chris Jericho have decided not to re-sign with WWE.

“Chavo would have been stuck in the mid card forever,’ one wrestler told us, “but he had as secure a job as someone on that level could find in WWE. It’s not easy to walk away when you have a family like he does!”

Many wrestlers are watching what is being called “the fast track” WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has placed Triple H on, and many are wondering if WWE under HHH and Stephanie McMahon will be wrestler-friendly or an invitation for factions like The Kliq.

“HHH assigning Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman to developmental is a controversial move,” a key WWE insider told us, “the jury is still out on how HHH will differ from Vince, or if WWE will be business as usual.”

One thing we have heard all day is that Chavo’s decision wasn’t a rash judgement. “Chavo’s been talking about leaving for several months,” we were informed. “He felt his career was going nowhere in WWE.”