Report: MVP To Meet With Vince, More On His WWE Status

As the behind-the-scenes story of MVP and his current WWE situation continues to unfold, PWMania has learned some new information from several well placed WWE sources.

MVP’s push in WWE has been at a stalemate for quite some time now, which has left fans puzzled as to why the superstar has not been given a better spot in the company.

From what we’ve been told, MVP’s WWE situation is best described as a “double-edged sword.” MVP is a convicted felon who spent 9 years in prison prior to signing with WWE. On the one hand, WWE likes to use MVP’s story to its advantage as the company likes the idea of having a “feel-good” story to run with in order to promote a more philanthropic image. MVP has turned his life around, devotes a lot of his time to charity and has maintained a high profile job with WWE. This is an attractive story the company can use if necessary.

On the other hand, however, MVP’s past ultimately limits him. With the political environment as it is in WWE at the moment, the fear is that if the company pushes MVP too high it could prove to be detrimental should anyone decide to criticize WWE for hiring a convicted felon.

Additionally, PWMania has been told that Vince McMahon doesn’t like MVP as a heel, and given MVP’s past the only way a true heel turn could work for him would be if creative went all the way with the turn and made light of his time spent in prison. Given WWE’s current PG setting, that idea is highly unlikely. While it’s true that MVP’s jail time has been mentioned on WWE TV in the past, it was well before WWE made the full move to a PG rated product.

From what PWMania has been told, there is no one singular incident which has accounted for MVP’s lack of push, nor is there any heat on him for any specific reason. “This is not a Matt Hardy situation,” said a WWE creative team member, “MVP is not being punished nor does he have any heat on him, it’s more a matter of creative being limited in what it can pitch for MVP given his past and WWE’s current political landscape.”

PWMania has been told that MVP is set to meet with Vince McMahon within the coming days to address both his current situation and his future, so we will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.