Report & Video From NWA Warzone – Colt Cabana vs. Adam Pearce In Australia

Thanks to reader Rhi Lockwood for sending this in:

In the week leading up to NWA Warzone14, the National Wrestling Alliance announced that they were unsanctioning the upcoming match between Colt Cabana & Adam Pearce at NWA Warzone, in what was to be the decider in the 7 Levels of Hate series.

As a long-time wrestling fan, I was disappointed and disrespected. This match had been months… years in the making, why was the Australian crowd suddenly unworthy of seeing the dramatic conclusion take place for the NWA Heavyweight Championship?

Luckily, on Saturday 27 October, at NWA Warzone, I was not disappointed in the slightest. With a strong mid-card consisting of matches such as Krackerjak v Mike Petersen for the NWA Warzone Australian Championship (in which the title changed hands) and Jack Bonza v Adam Brooks – just to name a few, by the time the steel cage was erected, the crowd was buzzing & excited.

Colt Cabana entered to an amazing reception from the Australian audiences, chants of ‘Colt Cabana’ filled the building, these quickly turned to boo’s when Scrap Daddy, Adam Pearce entered the ring. Once the door of the cage was closed, both men’s attention focused to each other.

The next twenty minutes, the crowd witnessed both men take each other to the extreme. When each tried to escape the cage (by the scaling the top), the other would drag the man back in. At one point, Colt Cabana had a perfect opportunity to escape, but instead, looked out to the crowd, stood on the top of the cage and landed a perfect splash on Adam Pearce inside the cage. Perfect, holy shit moment.

With both men, bloodied, tired and most definitely bruising, Colt finally applied his Billy Goat’s Curse, the crowd hollered at Adam Pearce to tap out. In an almost slow motion moment, he did. Cue-ing a cry of ‘Holy shit!’ amongst the crowd and as the belt & microphone was slid into the ring, Adam Pearce looked at the belt and bled, his blood had been pure NWA for the past few years & now… he had lost the 7 Levels of Hate series.

Pearce, with microphone in hand, began to talk. Because NWA unsanctioned the match last week, Pearce said as far as he was concerned, this was the 7th level, this (the title) is what they were fighting for and so despite the new management at NWA’s ruling (which he also said was disrespectful to the past of the NWA, the feud, the wrestlers & the fans that were in attendance at Warzone) Cabana was rightfully the undisputed NWA Champion.

Then Cabana went on to say that the NWA represented living in the past – rattling off previous champions – he said that he was all about moving forward and living in the present. He said he didn’t want the championship; the NWA could keep it because he didn’t want it.

The crowd, in stunned silence, then witnessed Pearce saying, that if Cabana didn’t want it – then neither did he. He said he was sticking to his word that at the end of the feud if he lost, then he was done with the NWA.

Both men left, with the belt in the middle of the ring inside the steel cage.

End of an era, and Melbourne, Australia witnessed history taking place after all.