Report: Possible Reason Why WWE Isn’t Firing Talents – Details

There is word that Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign in Connecticut could affect both a WWE storyline on tonight’s RAW and the company’s decision to fire talent.

The campaign is currently promoting McMahon as a “job creator”. WWE has been known in the past to do spring cleaning after WrestleMania and release several talents in a short period of time. It hasn’t happened yet and it may not happen this year just to avoid bad publicity for McMahon’s political campaign.

There is also word that it may affect tonight’s storyline with John Laurinaitis’ job evaluation from Vince McMahon. McMahon could let Laurinaitis keep his job instead of telling him he’s fired. At one point last week, there was talk of having Laurinaitis join the “Kiss My Ass” club. is a subscription free website and relies on advertising and donations from people like you. If everyone reading this donates a few dollars, we can be fully funded for another year. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays! - Team =)