Report: TNA Locker “In an Uproar” Over Hardy Situation

PWMania has spoken with several key insiders and several wrestlers in TNA, and the consensus opinion is that something has to be done regarding tonight’s Victory Road pay per view debacle.

“This is the type of controversy that kills a promotion,” one very concerned wrestler told us tonight, “what happens when Spike TV executives Doug Herzog, Kevin Kay and Brian Diamond watch this, and try to justify this to sponsors and advertisers? It’s embarrassing, and it’s terrible for the company to go off the air with the fans chanting BULLSHIT when the company knew they had a major problem to deal with.”

“Why wasn’t he replaced?” asked another wrestler, “why couldn’t we have just handled it professionally, instead of risking everyone’s well being, including Sting’s and the fans, by putting someone who was not fit to wrestle out in the ring?” Even a key insider who is usually a Hardy defender told us “Jeff should not have been cleared to wrestle in that main event tonight.”

While no one would pinpoint exactly what Hardy’s problem was, it is clear TNA President Dixie Carter has a dressing room filled with concerned and angry talent at the moment. While Ric Flair’s presence is “amusing” (as one wrestler put it), the precedent is being set for wrestlers to act in any way they want, and there is a sense of anarchy in the TNA dressing room right now.

“Bischoff doesn’t have any authority. The agents don’t lay down the law,” one very prominent TNA wrestler told us, “no one learned from WCW what happens when the inmates take over the asylum!”