Report: Update On Batista’s Potential WWE Future

Don’t look for Dave Bautista in a WWE ring anytime soon, and definitely not for next year’s WrestleMania. Bautista, aka “Batista,” realizes with The Rock and John Cena in the main event for next year’s WrestleMania, he is shut out of the top pay. Besides, according to several sources close to Batista, he is very happy with his gym business and acting career.

Batista is also pursuing other ways of making money in his post-WWE career, including modeling (believe it or not), and he keeps a very good relationship with TMZ, which posts stories on him enough that he remains in the mainstream media’s eye.

Batista is also looking at getting deeper into the MMA business, if not as a fighter then in some sort of capacity behind the scenes with some of the fighters. Low-Ki aka “Kaval” has been training at Batista’s gym in Florida, which is endorsed by UFC main eventer Nick Diaz’s trainer Cesar Gracie.

(Credit: Nick Paglino)