Report: Vince McMahon’s Health & Recent Raw Script Details

According to The Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon has been showing signs of his age recently that has had some people concerned. Recently McMahon was suffering from the flu and was not hiding it which in the past everyone knows if Vince is sick he doesn’t show it or allow it to affect work.

It appears the October 3rd RAW that contained the superstars walking out was a last minute decision after six to eight scripts had been written and McMahon kept changing his mind. It seems even after the walkout angle was approved, many questioned it because of the problems it presented such as the next nights Smackdown tapings, live events and how to write for the next week. Arn Anderson is reported to be the agent/producer who suggested Jim Ross be the last person to walk out as he was brought back to commentary by Triple H.

This past weeks RAW on October 10th seemed to also featured a lack of knowledge as reported in the past the script was re-written last minute. It seemed the only thing that was a certain according to the report is that Vince McMahon would return and John Laurinaitis would replace Triple H as the authority figure for RAW.