Report: WWE Creative Team Burnt Out by Vince’s Demands

In an exclusive follow-up to our last report concerning World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman Vince McMahon calling a Raw meeting following WrestleMania, we can now report, after speaking with a number of key WWE insiders, that a majority of the creative team feels extremely burnt out right now and has apparently never been worked so hard by Vince.

“The revisions and constant reviewing of the TV scripts are becoming so dramatic and belabored, the writing team members are comparing themselves to the announcers when Vince is screaming into their headsets during TV,” a key WWE insider told us.

Additionally, we were told that the last minute changes and revisions are becoming erratic and irrational, so much so that the creative team feels like they have no clue as to what Vince wants anymore. More on this developing story as it becomes available.