Report: WWE Raw Likely To Stay On USA Network

WWE’s television contract is expiring in 2019 with the USA Network. The sports entertainment company held many of the same meetings before their last TV negotiations a few years ago. WWE has talked with the USA Network, FOX, Disney, CBS, Amazon, and YouTube.

The belief was that WWE could end up on FOX and if that did happen then Monday Night Raw would go to FOX while SmackDown Live would go to FOX Sports 1. If this happened then Raw may have to go back to two hours and they wouldn’t have an overrun due to local news starting at 10pm EST.

According to Matthew Beloni, Editorial Director of The Hollywood Reporter, Raw would be remaining on the USA Network and getting as much as three times its current rate from the cable network, but NBC intends to let SmackDown Live go. Thus, WWE will have to find a new home for SmackDown Live.