Rey Mysterio Appears In Video At The End Of AAA’s TripleMania Pay-Per-View

At the end of Sunday’s AAA TripleMania XXII pay-per-view event, a video was shown of Rey Mysterio wearing a sombrero, congratulating the company on 22 years and telling the fans that he would see them soon. A message was then shown saying “#FreeRey.” Below is a photo:

  • Marck-WWEDivas

    Why Mysterio wants to leave WWE? I don’t know when he started to think about getting released

    • ksedude

      I believe he became frustrated with how WWE was treating him. Now they’re basically holding him hostage because of his name/merch sales.

      • Yusei Asakura

        Actually no iirc He’s being held in his contract because while he was injured for what the 6-7th time? He was paid and basically taken care of and IS still being paid by wwe but refuses to cash the checks. Remember that program that was suppose to go on with him and sin cara leading up to him vs Sin cara? Yeah that never happened thanks to Rey

        • Matt

          Actually, Sin Cara is as much to blame for that situation as Rey Mysterio is, with his suspension, botches, and injuries.

  • Rob Ert

    I like Rey and all, but he seems a little disrespectful. He is biting the hand that feeds him. In WCW and then WWE, he’s done better than he had any right to, given his size. He is even small for a cruiserweight, and yet they made him World Heavyweight and WWE Champion. Plus they have kept employing him through his many many injuries. To me, he’s been inredibly fortunate and treated extremely well.

    • wwm

      Didn’t the WWE automatically renew his contract when he thought it was ending and didn’t want to re-sign?