Ric Flair’s 911 Call Released (Audio), Tonight’s WWE Raw Sold Out, SmackDown Rating

– Paul Heyman noted that tonight’s Raw is a sellout, writing on Twitter, “Last @wwe #RAW before #WrestleMania #WashingtonDC SOLD OUT!”

– Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown garnered a 2.00 cable TV rating, with 2.85 million viewers. SmackDown ranked #3 among cable shows for the night in overall viewers.

– TMZ.com has posted the 911 call Ric Flair made after finding his son Reid. Their article notes that moments after Ric Flair discovered his son Reid unresponsive, Ric frantically tells the operator, “He’s out cold! He’s out cold and he’s purple!” You can listen to the call below:

  • http://twitter.com/SmarkJindrak Justin

    It’s already bad enough TMZ released this but why in the fuck would you repost this? Hasn’t Flair already suffered enough between the loss of his son and his own health problems to have this waved around the internet? Hey whatever gets you hits I guess. Fucking scumbags.

  • http://twitter.com/lorichecchi lori checchi

    I don’t think that’s really Ric Flair. Wasn’t he recovering from a blood clot and at home resting?

  • Justin Curry

    That’s not Ric Flair’s voice. I know you sound different on the phone, but not THAT different. And plus when Ric Yells you can hear him push air through his cheeks especially when he says S’s. Not him.