Ring Of Honor Offers Free Pre-Show Before iPPV

Ring Of Honor who has recently experienced several problems with there iPPVs has announced their plan to offer a free preshow to ensure the feed runs smoothly. Below is an excerpt from their webpage.

“To ensure your confidence in the internet pay per view technology, we welcome you to join us at 7:00PM EDT when we will stream a live 10-15 minute pre-show.

If, for any reason, the stream is not working to your satisfaction, we have enabled you to cancel your order from the MyPPVs page right up until the time of the event. We are extremely confident that you will find the stream more than up to par but we here to Ring of Honor feel we owe this option to our great customers who have supported us all this time.

Please note that your player should automatically select the best stream available depending on your internet speed. If, for some reason, you are having issues with the highest quality stream, you will be able to manually choose the next best option to ensure a steady stream. All you have to do is simply scroll over the options area in the top right corner of the player and select the stream that best works for you.

This is just another part of our continuing endeavor to provide the absolute best iPPV broadcast we can to our fans so please join us THIS Saturday night for “Glory by Honor XI” and see for yourself why Ring of Honor is the absolute best pound-for-pound pro wrestling on the planet!!!”

The full story can be found here