Ring Of Honor Threatens Legal Action Against Gabe Sapolsky

Ring of Honor has fired off a cease and desist letter to former ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky. Sapolsky made comments on his Facebook on Monday slamming ROH for their latest round of iPPV issues that took place during the Border Wars show over the weekend.

ROH is trying to enforce an agreement Sapolsky signed in October 2008 he left ROH agreeing not to disparage the company. Sapolsky is likely to contend that the agreement was signed before ROH was reorganized under Sinclair Broadcasting. He also never specifically mentioned ROH in his rant but that’s clearly who he was talking about.

ROH has not responded to requests for comment.

Here is Sapolsky’s Facebook rant:

“When the ownership and management of a company doesn’t care or have enough respect for its employees and more importantly paying customers to spend enough money to have adequate equipment they can fuck off. When a company decides to go on the cheap and take a risk that something like a website will work instead of doing everything in their power to guarantee it will work they can fuck off. If the ownership and management doesn’t care or respect it’s fans enough to do this they don’t deserve your support.”