Ring of Honor TV Report – April 26, 2014

Cedric Alexander vs. BJ Whitmer w/ The Decade

This was a pretty good match that featured a lot of good action and some fine storytelling as well. Cedric provided the pace and BJ provided the psychology to make this match into a strong opener.

Winner: BJ Whitmer

A.C.H. vs. Andrew Everett

As far as athleticism, this was the best effort of the night. A.C.H is getting better in every area and continues to have one of the best connections with the crowd of the entire roster. Everett, believe it or not, actually may be the best high-flyer in the company, very much so on the same level as PAC, who works as Adrian Neville in the WWE’s NXT promotion. When put together, they make one heck of a spectacle. That said, the intelligence is there as well and was on display. Overall, this was worth the time to watch.

Winner: A.C.H.

MAIN EVENT: Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini vs. Alex Koslov – Ring of Honor World Television Championship Match

This was an excellent main event that gave Jay his first title defense since turning heel and winning the belt from Tommaso Ciampa. The action was not as crisp as previous offerings from these two, but it was still a strong effort, nonetheless. The story here was that Lethal is walking the fine-line between being a face and a heel, which should end up being an interesting angle, if handled correctly.

Winner: Jay Lethal – DQ

News of the Night: Adam Cole gave Matt Hardy Jay Briscoe’s version of the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship, which Hardy, in turn, rechristened the “Iconic Title”. It remains to be seen if this is simply a quick joke, or an attempt at launching a new belt.

There was a spot in the Cedric/BJ match where a turnbuckle flip was botched and was saved by BJ’s selling and Cedric’s commitment. This is news, simply because the practice of professionalism was on display here, which seems to be something that some of the Indy promoters could learn from.

Matt Taven ran out and brawled with Jay Lethal, which is what caused the DQ victory for the champion.

Kevin Steen is slated to wrestle Adam Cole for the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship and Global Wars, in Toronto.

Next Week: 1. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Roderick Strong 2. Rocky Romero vs. Michael Elgin

Final Thoughts: This was another excellent week of action from Ring of Honor. This company is really coming along and is quickly taking the spotlight away from TNA.