Ring of Honor TV Report – December 15, 2013

Ring of Honor TV Report – December 15, 2013

Welcome back to another edition of Ring of Honor, that will see a main event of reDRagon vs. C&C Wrestle Factory competing for the ROH World Tag Team Championships. With this night of great action ahead of us, it seems selfish for me to keep you waiting any longer.

Silas Young vs. Tadarius Thomas

This was an excellent showing by both men here that featured a colorful mix of styles that was built on a foundation of hard technical work. This was a bout that was highlighted by Silas’s ever apparent star power, as his attention to detail has allowed him to stand out in a company that covets athletic prowess, rather than mental prowess. Tadarius is getting better with every bout and is quickly becoming one of the next breakout stars for this ever growing company, which is a statement that can be corroborated by his efforts in this match. Congratulations to both men for an outstanding opener that started this card off right.

Winner: Silas Young

ACH vs. Adam Cole – Proving Ground Match

It’s odd to see the World Champion wrestling a non-title match in the middle of the card, but then again, we do have a Tag Title main event on our hands tonight. ACH had one his best showings tonight, which seems to be a case of life imitating art, as his performance seemed to be inspired by the match’s already mentioned stipulation. ACH has never been so methodical in his ROH work until this match, in my opinion, and with Adam Cole being his dance partner for the evening, this certainly makes for a great bout. A highlight of this match, for me anyway, was the story of Cole wearing down ACH’s knee, which effectively takes away ACH’s number one tool. It’s those kinds of moments that makes wrestling so engaging and why we wrestling fans stick with this form of entertainment, when so many others think us fools. This was as inventive a match that you’re likely to see in this day and age, especially on national television. I’m definitely going to watch this again as soon as possible.

Winner: Adam Cole

Main Event: reDRagon vs. C&C Wrestle Factory – ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

The challengers cut a solid pre-match promo that set the proper tone for this awesome main event. C&C, nearing the end of their run as a tag team in ROH, put on a stellar performance here, which helps create a satisfying, yet saddening end to their time as a team in this company. The work that was done here was a fine mixture of spectacle and technical, with an excellent transition from hold to spot that allowed the audience a chance to absorb the goings on. Kyle O’Reilly, the younger of the reDRagon pairing, is progressing very nicely, as a character, under the tutelage of his much older partner, Bobby Fish. Fish’s ascension to the top of ROH’s tag division has led to a great year for smartly worked tag bouts, which is, sadly, a forgotten art in much of the mainstream. Fish should be very proud of himself for the great work he has put together with his partner and for matches like this one.

Winner: reDRagon

I really enjoyed this week’s show, because of the top-notch efforts by every wrestler in every match and for the pacing of the broadcast itself, which flowed from segment to segment without any sort of lull in between.

Next week, we will have an entire broadcast that is dedicated to the Ring of Honor World Champion himself, Adam Cole. That should be quite the show and I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

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Thanks for reading and I hope to return with more, next time.