Ring of Honor TV Report – January 25, 2014

Welcome back to ROH TV, home of the Top Prospect Tournament, which continues this week. Let’s not waste any more time on pleasantries, if that’s alright with you?

Raymond Rowe vs. Corey Hollis – Top Prospect Tournament Semi-Finals Match

This bout amounted to a generous squash, which benefited from mindfully reserved action, from bell-to-bell. It’s not every day that a ROH match is worked so carefully, but that is the case here, as Rowe kept this match grounded in a very frugal reality, not wasting one motion on anything that was unneeded. Rowe transitioned nicely from mat work to impact attacks, resulting in a well-rounded move set that kept this match fresh. Hollis, on the other hand, displayed his notable athleticism, which should open many doors in ROH, as the company is always hunting for such performers. Rowe brought Hollis’s run in the tournament to an end with a victory here.

Winner: Raymond Rowe

RD Evans w/ Veda Scott vs. Max Sells

RD Evans maintained his streak of victories with a win over Max Sells. Sells was excellent here, living up to his monikers promise of, indeed, selling his opponents moves, quite well in fact. RD was his usually extravagant self, making the kind of facials that could be seen from deep space. RD is no wunderkind in the ring, but what he does is certainly more than just functional, as he always seems to involve the crowd in a way that the most accomplished wrestlers of the 1970’s would be proud of.

Winner: RD Evans

Veda cut a good promo, where she challenged any roster member to fight RD, right there and then; a development that worried poor RD. That challenge was answered by…

Michael Elgin vs. RD Evans w/ Veda Scott

To say that Michael Elgin was unkind to RD is this bout would be an understatement. Mr. Elgin spent the entirety of this one thoroughly cleaning the clock of the undefeated RD Evans. RD sold the offense of Elgin as well as anyone, with Elgin coming across as a big deal from start to stop. Everything came to an end, when Elgin got disqualified for slam RD through a conglomeration of un-folded chairs.

Winner: RD Evans – By Disqualification

Matt Taven vs. Tadarius Thomas

I cannot say enough good about this match, as it was one of the most technically sound and dramatically satisfying bouts I’ve seen in four months. Every step that this match took was a careful one, while doing so with the utmost confidence. Neither man wrestled like they felt they needed to keep the audience’s attention; they were confident in themselves and it showed. More matches need to be wrestled like this and these two need to look to this match, and others like it, for what to aspire to in the future. This was safe, yet exciting and, considering that I don’t always get to say that, I choose to give this match my highest recommendation. Congratulations to both men and I hope they can deliver more matches like these.

Winner: Matt Taven

The Decade ran down AJ Styles return, which is next week, claiming that they will send him back from where he came from. I hope not.

Jay Briscoe and Bobby Fish ended up facing off after Fish interrupted Jay’s latest attempt to get Adam Cole to accept his challenge for a ROH World Championship Match. Fish claimed he would beat the tar out of Jay, for Fish represented the ROH roster. Really, I never heard that ROH’s roster despised one of its best. This could be the start of a story-line, although it may have just been a momentary angle used to give Fish a reason to challenge Jay for our main event.

MAIN EVENT: Jay Briscoe vs. Bobby Fish

This was definitely a main event worth writing about, as both men put together a splendid bout. Fish worked well as a foil for Jay, who continues to grow into the role of a top tier star, to be crude. As far as content goes, this match embraced a more physical approach, with heavy shots thrown from all angles and big slams from all heights. It’s hard not to like an offering like this from to people who are as versatile as these two.

Winner: Jay Briscoe

How can anyone have a problem with a wrestling show that gave you what you came to see?

Next week, we’ll have AJ STYLES making his return ROH, with a match against Roderick Strong. Remember, this match will feature Strong’s injury, so, if you are squeamish, I would advise against watching the bout.