Ring of Honor TV Report – January 5, 2014

Welcome to a special, New Year’s edition of ROH TV, where we will bear witness to a grueling strap match and a triple threat title match, courtesy of ROH Final Battle 2013!

Mark Briscoe vs. Silas Young – Strap Match

These two put together an intense bout here, with all hard-hitting action you were hoping for. While this feud is a makeshift one, it has most certainly morphed into a very natural story, with much opportunity remaining to pull something truly special out of it. It amazes me how a guy like Silas went from a part-time body to a full-time star in less than a year, especially in a time when people his age are actually being put to pasture by more “successful” organizations (WWE,TNA). Mark was able to showcase his character’s serious side here, which aided him in shaking off the comedic stench that many feel has rotted him out. As far as content goes, this one looked like a real fight in so many ways; with every shot thrown, with every slam delivered, this felt like a true brawl. Awesome work was done here by both men; work that should not be missed.

Winner: Silas Young

Main Event: Michael Elgin vs. Jay Briscoe vs. Adam Cole – Triple Threat Match for the Ring of Honor World Championship

This fight was as close as any company has ever come, for my money anyway, at duplicating the quality of the AJ Styles/Samoa Joe/Christopher Daniels match-ups. This match oozed aggression from every pore, which, while a potentially foul way to describe such a fantastic match, is quite accurate. These guys did everything imaginable to drive the point of this match home: ROH main events are the ultimate experience in the wrestling business. It’s hard to argue with three men who took the time to construct a sequence where they ended up trying to make each other submit at the same time and I doubt many devoted wrestling fans would attempt to take any credit away from this tireless trio. Matt Hardy got involved in the end to aid Adam Cole (whom he faced off against at this PPV last year) to help him retain his title.

Winner: Adam Cole

After Cole began his celebration, CHRIS HERO made his return to ROH and took out both Hardy and Cole which brought our card to a close, with the crowd roaring in appreciation for the return of one Ring of Honor’s true legends.

This was a dynamite way to start the New Year off, especially with the promise of Chris Hero’s re-debut with ROH.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back, next time.