Ring of Honor TV Report – March 15, 2014

Hanson and Raymond Rowe vs. Bill Daly and Will Ferrera

This was a good little tag match that was designed to build up Hanson and Rowe as a credible tag team. While both teams displayed some awesome feats of agility, it was the Hanson/Rowe combination that impressed the most. I could see how this new team could be looked to as a top team in the years to come. This was a delightful debut for both teams and a proper victory for Hanson and Rowe.

Winner: Hanson and Raymond Rowe

Post-Match: Michael Elgin came out and threw in his name as one of support for the budding team. This was a great way to get over the team and to further ingrain the idea of Elgin being a main eventer in the minds of the spectator.

In-Ring Promo: Kevin Steen tried to call out Cliff Compton, when Homicide and Eddie Kingston (Outlaw Inc.) came out and propositioned Steen to join their group. He said no and, when it looked like Outlaw Inc. was going to attack Steen, Nigel McGuinness made a match of…

Kevin Steen vs. Homicide

This was a strong effort that didn’t get to last as long as it would have seven years ago. It’s strange to see a former ROH World Champion in Homicide have to play the part of the lackey in this situation. I wish he would get the chance to be the main eventer that he already is, but at least he gets to wrestle someone as good as Steen. This match came to an abrupt end when it Kingston caused a DQ.

Winner: Kevin Steen – DQ

Post-Match – Cliff Compton ran out and saved Steen from the Outlaws. I think the Steen/Compton feud is over…for now.

In-Ring Promo: After much ballyhoo, a Ladder War is set up for Supercard of Honor between Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe for the Ring of Honor World Championship. Shortly after the match’s announcement, Michael Bennett and Adam Cole beat down Jay Briscoe until his brother Mark came to his rescue.

MIAN EVENT: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jay Lethal – Ring of Honor Television Championship

This was another excellent match in the series between these two. Ciampa is really coming along as a singles star and Lethal is simply incredible. Why Lethal is being kept in the mid-card is one of the biggest mysteries in wrestling today. Fortunately, being in the mid-card doesn’t mean you can’t have great matches, which is just what this was. The story here was that Matt Taven’s interference (he was stopping Truth Martini from harming the contest’s integrity) caused Lethal’s winning fall to be missed and reversed by the champion, which led to his retention of the title.


Post-Match: The tease of the respect dissipating continued as Lethal got irate with the champion over the false finish.

Final Thoughts: This was a fine edition of ROH TV that set up future main events very nicely, as well as moved some good angles forward in efficient fashion.

Next Week: We will have The Decade vs. Adrenaline Rush and Andrew Everett.

In Two Weeks: We will bear witness to AJ Styles and Michael Elgin in their first ever bout together.

Thank you for reading and have a great night.