Ring of Honor TV Report – May 10, 2014

RD Evans w/ Veda Scott vs. Mike Posey

This was a good little match that helped RD continue his “Streak”. The crowd was really engaged with the match and opened us off right.

Winner: RD Evans

reDRagon vs. Hanson and Rowe

This was worked as more of a street fight, but without the weapons. The work here was pretty good and really helped solidify them as a noticeable team.

Winner: Hanson and Rowe

MAIN EVENT: Michael Bennett, Adam Cole and Matt Hardy vs. The Briscoes and Kevin Steen – Six-Man Tag Team Match

This was a very good main event that had all the usual frenetic action that you’ve come to expect from ROH. This was a lot of fun and worth finding on Ring of Honor’s site, come Tuesday.

Winner: Bennett, Cole & Hardy

Final Thoughts: I’m curious to see what effect the PPV’s will have on the taping schedule. Hopefully, it won’t affect the match output ROH has had of late.