Ring of Honor TV Report – May 17, 2014

Cedric Alexander and Andrew Everett vs. reDRagon

This was an excellent way to start of the card, as these four had solid effort that kept up a good pace. The biggest thing to write about here is the way the match was layered, with the biggest moves and moments saved for the matches conclusion. It was very refreshing to see a match that took the time to make its spots mean something and I hope they keep the work they did here in mind when they work future bouts.

Winner: reDRagon

MAIN EVENT: AJ Styles vs. Michael Elgin – # 1 Contender’s Match for the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship at Best in the World

They did it again. This was another barn-burner of a match that thoroughly showcased the skills of both men. What else can be said about this thirty minute classic?

Winner: Michael Elgin

Next Week: Outlaw INC. takes on Kevin Steen and Cliff Compton in a Charm City Street Fight.

Final Thoughts: This was another good broadcast that kept to the point.