Road Warrior Animal Wants The Return Of Zubaz Pants; Speaks Out

– Road Warrior Animal (Joe Laurinaitis) said he would like to see the return of Zubaz pants, which a lot of wrestlers wore in the 80s, in an interview with City Pages.

During the height of his career he invested in the pants and thinks he could help out business.

Animal said: “I think that if I painted up and wore Zubaz that it would help sales – or even if it was a different WWE star. If the opportunity arose for me to help out, it would be great.”

He also spoke on what he has been up to lately, “I’m still here in Minnesota, but I’ve been looking at moving to St. Louis to be near my son (NFL star) James. Even though I could still wrestle, I don’t. I help James with his stuff,” Joe said. “I get asked to do speaking events around the country. I don’t usually put on the spiked shoulder pads – I’ll bring along the shoulder pads for the fans to wear. But I’ll do the Mohawk and face paint still.”