Rob Van Dam In Attendance For Hall Of Fame Ceremony, WWE Website Asks If He’s Returning

WWE has a new article up revealing that Rob Van Dam is in attendance for tonight’s Hall of Fame ceremony. He told the website:

“I’m here to support my boy Booker T. [It’s great] seeing a lot of guys I haven’t seen since I left.” asked the former TNA star if he has plans to return to WWE and he replied:

“There’s always a chance.”

Here’s a photo of him at Madison Square Garden tonight:

  • TigerTurbo

    The days of serious “wars” between wrestling feds are long gone. Back in the day, I could understand why it would be odd to see Goldberg or Sting sitting front row at Wrestlemania. But this is 2013. If TNA – or any organizational talent – wishes to attend the HOF, or a Raw, etc, or go backstage to visit friends, then so what? Would it make HUGE news to see a football player on his day off sitting in the stands watching a rival team? No. Who cares if RVD is there or not. He’s in the business, period.

    • Knitemare

      Exactly.. They’re not going to jump ship they’re just visiting friends or loved ones whatever.. They should be allowed to attend either show really.