Rock Band Causes Concern By Posting Cryptic Message About Former WWE Diva Lita

Fans on Twitter have been concerned about former WWE Diva Amy “Lita” Dumas, CM Punk’s girlfriend, after rock band 7Seconds posted a message on their Facebook late Thursday night that something “shitty and difficult” happened to her.

The band posted a photo of Lita with the following message:

“this is my friend Amy Dumas.

she rocks and has done a ton of great stuff in her life. she is the only New York Times bestselling author I have ever known and the only 7Seconds friend and fan to have ever worn a WWE championship belt.

today she had some shitty things happen to her. nothing life-threatening but shitty and difficult nonetheless and she’s in my thoughts. much love to her.

that’s all.”

Lita hasn’t tweeted anything since July 14th. We will post more information if it becomes available.

All of us here at PWMania send Amy our best wishes.

Photos Of CM Punk With His Girlfriend Lita

  • Sammy Lane

    Hopping all is well enough for Amy.