The Rock & John Cena Featured On Local Newspaper For WWE Raw 20th Anniversary (Pic)

Thursday’s edition of the Houston Chronicle “Star” section features John Cena and The Rock previewing the 20th Anniversary of Raw which takes place locally in the area.

Ken Hoffman writes about the history of Raw, noting WWE’s flagship show started with Yokozuna vs. Koko B. Ware in January 1993. Here is an excerpt for the news piece.

“On Jan. 11, 1993, a 500-pound wrestler named Yokozuna sat on a wrestler named Koko B. Ware, who carried a bird named Franke into the ring, and one of the most popular, enduring shows in television history began.

Raw will be around another 20 years, and in some town in January 2033, there will be a ring with a good guy vs. a bad guy, and somebody with a mask will dropkick an evil rulebreaker from Parts Unknown. It’s just wrestling or sports entertainment or whatever you want to call it.”

(Source: PWTorch)